Loving what you do (January 2021)

This post series will highlight a person or business that “Loves what they do…”

There is this place in downtown Grand Junction that epitomizes what it means to “Love what you do…and be good at it too.” That place is Board Fox Games & Coffee. In a time when board games are in demand, the owner still takes pride in finding that perfect game for you and your partner, or you and your family, or you and your online group, or just you. While I cannot imagine she has actually played every game, I’ve never pulled a game off the shelf that she couldn’t tell me about. Not into games? Check out their puzzle section. Not into puzzles, grab one of those old school rubber band rockets and fire away.

And aside from being really good at what they do, Board Fox Games & Coffee took up a tip collection just before the holidays. They raised $1,600 and provided a great big dose of financial joy to the serving teams at two local restaurants.

If you ever find yourself in Grand Junction, get a jump on any birthday or Christmas shopping here – you’ll find something in your price range that will bring a big smile to the recipient.


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