Well – that went by quick!

I’m sure when I say “that went by quick” half of you will nod and the other half will roll your eyes. It’s quite the cliche, really – the year just flies by. But then again, time flies when you’re having fun.

This was the first full year of business for Your Corner Consulting. And while it’s still just me from an IRS perspective, I’m proud to have partnered and engaged with many wonderful people and organizations. In addition to my regular work facilitating simulations, I was proud to design a relationship and mentoring training for a Fortune 100 retail organization, re-design a learning portal for a major financial group, facilitate a retreat for Golden’s Public Art Commission, and support the creation of the first strategic plan for GoFarm, a local farming co-op. Business travels took me to both coasts, as well as an incredible trip to Thailand.

Creating meaningful work is a passion of mine, and this year, I was also able to provide paid work to developers, instructional designers, and editorial QA personnel. I learned a bit the hard way that the tool I am building will take more time and money than I’m willing to spend to break through a crowded field of talent development tools. But even with all that, I managed to end the year in the black!

And to add one more cliche, none of this would be possible without the help and support of friends and family. To my mentors, friends, co-working space colleagues, and clients, thank you so much for a wonderful 2018. I look forward to all that 2019 has to offer!

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